Occupational Medicine is the area where companies, employee’s health and medicine overlap. Family Express Urgent Care is concerned with protecting the safety and health of today's workers, and the financial health of our clients.  We are committed to you, providing excellent care to your injured employees.  Excellent medical care will keep employees happy and minimize complications, at the same time minimizing medical costs. 

We understand the workers' compensation system, and how it impacts your company's financial health. We believe something that can be cured in 3 weeks, shouldn’t take 8 weeks  to heal. It is not enough to fix the problem; we must also fix the problem as efficiently as possible to get your employees back to work!  We will always prescribe non-narcotic pain medications unless absolutely necessary!

We provide companies a full spectrum of services.  Our facility will treat your injured employees. In addition, on-site x-rays, laboratory services, radiology, audiology, pulmonary function testing, immunizations, drug screen collections, MRO services and more are available, to customize your companies every need. We can also make on-site services if need be. We have the ability to administer influenza vaccinations or perform blood and urine collections to a group of employees at your workplace saving you time.

We can start seeing your employees as soon as now! For pricing and enrollment, please call us at 813.609.0909